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Affiliated Resources aka "How I've grown into being an Author"

In 2019, I decided to finally write a novel called "The Wizard's Mistake". I had no idea what I was doing beyond "lolwritewords" then hit send. So I got on Twitter and began looking for people like me, self-publishing authors in order to better understand what I wasn't sure about. Over the last year and a half, I've amassed a wonderful collection of aspiring and beginning authors, poets, and content creators making magic and we all share the same thing: Inexperience.

So here's a list of courses from people like you and me who have guided, taught, and modeled many methods I've used to step up my writing game, between social media engagement, business information as a self-publisher, and writing in general. These guys have the knowledge, so I've affiliated with them to bring you their wisdom. It's a side hustle, for sure, because these links below DO make me some money when you buy these products. I guarantee that they will teach you something new. Something you didn't know that will turn your dream of being a full time creator into reality.

From Jeff Putnam, Owner of Rugged Legacy Men's Grooming Co. Everything you need to know about starting a business and driving traffic to your business. Let's face facts: Creating is a business, gang.
Quick Start Side Hustle

Quick Start Marketing

From Author Adam Lane Smith, Creator of Gideon Ira and The Burrito Avenger, come a course on how to destroy writer's block and format your storytelling so you can write without hesitation AND how he turned writing into financial freedom. 
Write Like a Beast

How I built a 4k per month Biz

Many know Joshua Lisec as The Ghost Writer on Twitter, so it should be no surprise that his courses are here. From writing persuasive paragraphs to SEO training, there's no finer resource than Joshua.
I recommend everything he's written

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