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Tales of Halziyon: Book One

The Wizard's Mistake

What happens when an eccentric Wizard recruits a fat kid to go on a mystical quest to save the world? He attracts a misfit group of oddities to become his heroic party! Join Yoder Hals, a sniveling, whiny, truly unremarkable boy as he fumbles his way through becoming a legend in book one of The Tales of Halziyon: The Wizard's Mistake.

City Of Eld.jpg

Tales of Halziyon Book Two

City of Eld

Yoder and his friends found the strange and wondrous City of the Ancients, Solaria. Now, they must protect it from the Black Vanguard and its King, Garrick Thain in order to save their fallen friend. The battle for Solaria pits these young adventurers against unbeatable odds. Can Yoder truly save the world AND his friends with the help of the magical city itself?


The final book in the first Tales of Halziyon trilogy.

Licking their wounds after barely escaping Garrick Thain and the Black Vanguard, Yoder and his friends seek sanctuary with the mages of the Mirrored Circle. A stunning revelation leads Yoder on a lonely journey, leaving Leeni and the others to conspire with the magic council and stop Garrick Thain's evil from spreading across the land. Return to the City of Eld and the desolate wastes of Kurn with Leeni, Perrixstar, Sixer, and The Wizard as they fight for the safety of Halziyon!

But where is the Hero?!

Gabriel is a killer for the mega-corporation that raised him, trained in the ancient arts of Bushido.

Hana was kidnapped, forced into a world of depravity and darkness.

When the two meet by chance on the grimy, rain-soaked streets of a frightening future Harajuku sector, it changes both their lives forever. For honor, Gabriel must now face the group of trained killers and soldiers that he swore loyalty to and bloody his white hare katana to protect the young girl and her strange pet.

Dark Angels and wicked assassins wage war in the ruins beyond the borders of oppressed Tokyo in Jisedai!

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