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Nerd, Father, Author, Hermit, Gamer, Roleplayer.

Pretty much sums it up. Is that all there is? Of course not. Everything you might want to know about me is found in everything I write. An author is not just a creator, but expresses their views of the world through the written word. From confused fat kid Yoder Hals to the superhero Paragon and his amazing friends to the swordsman codenamed "Gabriel", I write people from all walks of life finding their way to truth and ultimately strength through believing in themselves and ultimately making the right choices. You won't find gender-confusion and gray morality here. I believe in people and their power to do the right thing.

My Goal

The ultimate purpose of writing to me is to express myself and, frankly, to make some money doing it. Money I want to return to the world through producing new forms of literature and entertainment. From books to comics to webisode series at the very least, I aim to see the entertainment world not be constrained by the Hollywood Elite.


Jisedai - A story of courage and honor in a dystopian future. When a corporate samurai renowned for his skill has a chance encounter with a young girl sold into slavery, he must decide what the meaning of honor truly is. Available now!

Legacy of Heroes- Three teens with superpowers become the targets of an organization hunting superhumans, becoming superheroes themselves and uncovering the plot to murder the symbol of Heroism a decade past.

Rise of the Patriot - Imprisoned for ten years after the second civil war, Nick Courtland and his gruff friend Grayn Maro try to start fresh in a broken world Nick failed to save. Rebuilding the airship he commanded during the War, Nick becomes embroiled in a political coup against his will in order to save the life of a young girl.

Gray Wolf, Red Elk - When an invading country destroys their people to expand its dominion, two warriors from very different cultures swear revenge. They must learn to understand each other first.


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